Brake Jobs

Contact us today and let us perform a free brake check for you.Professional Auto Engines provides free brake checks regardless of whether or not your vehicle actually needs brake repair, and even if you go somewhere else to have your brakes repaired.

Of course we hope you come to us, but our free brake checks are not contingent upon you working with us or spending money with us. We just want to help you be a safer driver. That’s how we do our part for the drivers of Slidell, New Orleans & The Northshore.

Signs that your vehicle needs brake repair include squeaking, roaring, hissing and squealing when you press down the brake pedal. Pressing the brake pedal down should be easy and smooth. If you feel vibration, shaking or any sort of pull or unevenness when you press the pedal, be sure to stop in and see us right away. These signs could mean you need anything from new brake pads, to a refill of brake fluid, to repair or replacement of your rotors.

The most important thing is that if you hear or feel something amiss, come see us right away. If you wait too long, the chances increase for more serious damage to occur. Since rotor and drum damage may require complete replacement, we recommend you see us as soon as you can. This expense is entirely avoidable with early brake pad repair.