Car A/C Repair Near Me, helpful information

Hi I’m Shawn Berger and welcome to Pro-Auto AC Repair Slidell, La 70458. If your cars air conditioning system is in need of a Freon recharge, service or a/c repair, look no further.

We have certified ac repair technicians that will accurately diagnose the cause of you ac not blowing cold or not blowing air at all. There are 3 types of auto air condition failures. Below I will describe these failures.

First ac system failure can be an electrical failure. This would mean that we if we find power at the a/c compressor clutch, but it is not engaging the compressor the clutch would be bad. In most cases we can get away with installing a new compressor assembly and Re charging the air condition. Now, if there is no power to the ac clutch then it could be a loss of power or ground in the electrical system. This type of problem could be caused by a bad ac control head, body control module or computer, a cycling switch, or high pressure cut off switch or wiring in between. That is why it is important to let your local auto ac repair shop handle this diagnostic process.

Second type of ac failure can be if the ac system is empty, meaning that the Freon gas has leaked out. This could be from the a/c compressor seals, ac line or hoses and their seals, or even the car ac evaporator core or ac condenser needs replacement. We can Re charge the air condition system and add a dye that will leak out of whatever area the ac system has a leak, we then shine an ultraviolet light with a special kind of eye glasses and the leaks will glow. That’s how we would know where your ac is leaking from.

Third and last, if the a/c system has a mechanical failure like the evaporator core expansion valve is sticking or clogged, or the a/c compressor has come apart internally and contaminated the ac system or locked up. In this case we would have to replace the ac compressor, dryer/accumulator , and expansion valve or x valve/orifice tube, then clean and flush the a/c system, and re charge it with Freon gas.

We also offer AC Freon Gas Re Charging, leak detection, and part replacements such as:

  • Car AC or Air Condition Compressor Replacement
  • Auto AC Condenser Replacements
  • Auto Air Conditioning Evaporator Core replacements
  • Car AC Blower Motor Replacement
  • Auto Air Conditioning Expansion Valve too

That should be a quick lesson on car air condition repair from an ac shop near you if your in the Slidell and surrounding areas. I hope this was helpful and you got something from it. If you are in need of auto ac repair or servicing, we are the local ac experts.

Thank You for reading, Shawn Berger @ 985-445-1200